Reiki Training Courses

All our Reiki courses take place over two days spaced about a month apart.  Most of our courses are held in Colchester, a very picturesque and busy historic town in Essex; its history goes back to Roman times.  Two weeks prior to course commencement, students receive the relevant course manual enabling them to learn the theory beforehand; this allows Christiane and Willie to focus on the practical aspects of Reiki during the course (attunements, empowerments, healing practice and discussion).  On each course, the student receives two sets of attunements and empowerments (one from Christiane and one from Willie) thus students are effectively attuned and empowered twice – by different Masters.

Saturday 28 Sept & Saturday 19 Oct 2019 (10am - 5pm)

Saturday 26 Oct & Saturday 16 Nov 2019 (10am - 5pm)

If you are interested in any of the above courses, please complete and submit the form below for further information.


Reiki Attunements and Reiju Empowerments

Each course also includes extra non-Reiki material to help the student with their healing practice (e.g. listening skills, physical and energy bodies, stress management, etc.).  The courses are held in Colchester (Essex) though we do occasionally run courses in Bury St Edmunds (Suffolk) and Thetford (Norfolk).  Our courses are intensive; they require hard work and committment from the students but they are also very enjoyable.  Details of each course are given below.

Reiki 1

This is the introductory level of Reiki and once attuned, and taught, the trainee will have the confidence and ability to heal him/herself and also family and friends. The course covers:

Intermixed with the above are the 'attunements' (which connect you permanently to the Reiki Energy), healing practice and Japanese empowerments.

Reiki 2

This is the 'practitioner' level of Reiki and students attaining this level can obtain insurance and thus practice Reiki professionally.  The Reiki-2 course covers:

As with Reiki-1, the above are intermixed with Reiki-2 attunements, empowerments and healing practice.

Reiki 3 (Master Level)

Students attaining this level have reached the level at which they can attune others to the Reiki Energy and teach them how to use it.  The Master Course covers:

As with the earlier courses, the above is intermixed with attunements, empowerments and healing practice.  The Master Course is a Master/Teacher Course thus trainees are trained to do attunements and empowerments and practice doing so on the Course.

On completion of each level, the student receives two certificates of attainment (one each from Christiane and Willie).  All students receive a username and password that will allow them to access the 'practitioner' or 'master' areas of this site as appropriate; these areas contain extra material that will help in their ongoing development.